Warning Signs

What to do if you suspect abuse

Everyone has heard the horror of abuse that has been inflicted on our children, those next door, and those in our neighborhood. We ask ourselves “how can people do these things?” and “Why isn’t it caught before it gets so bad?” Unfortunately, the answer is we no longer feel connected to the people living near us, and we think it’s not our place, or business, to interfere.

The reality needs to be that raising children is everyone’s responsibility and we need to go back to becoming involved in the lives of our children.

If you see warning signs like these:

  • Sudden, dramatic changes in personality or activity levels
  • Frequent bruises or injuries that do not match the explanation given for the injury.
  • Kids whose parents isolate them from activities with friends (sleepovers, birthday parties, field trips)

You need to get involved:

  • Take an interest in the child’s life.
  • Tell a mandated reporter what you saw (clergy, teacher, police officer)
  • Contact 0808 800 5000

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