Child abuse can take many forms; professionals often categorise abuse as either emotional, physical, sexual or neglect. Only some types of abuse have signs you can see.

If you think a child is being harmed in some way and need to talk to someone about it, or if you would like some information about child protection in Somerset, please contact your local Children’s Social Care Team.

The Somerset Local Safeguarding Children Board works to make sure that children in Somerset are safe. Sometimes grown-ups or other young people hurt children and we want to stop this happening.

If you are a child and and someone is hurting you or making you feel afraid, there are lots of people who can help you – click here for contacts.

This section of our site provides you with information about ‘Child Protection’ and gives information about ‘Advocacy’ – people who can help you understand the child protection procedures and make sure that the adults who are working to keep you safe know how you feel and what you want.