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Information for Professionals

This section of the site is for professionals working with children and families and provides information concerning the structure and membership of the Local Safeguarding Children Board, minutes, procedures, library resources and more.


   Child Protection Conferences - Advice for Prof...
This leaflet provides information about Somerset's procedures for those professionals who are new or infrequent attenders at Child .....
  Protocols and Local Guidance 15 items  
Word Document
Request for involvement of or referral to Children's Services template
This template is for multi-agency use for requesting involvement of or referral to Children's Services
Added: 25 July 2014
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Guidance for Welfare Visits to Children and Young People with CPPlans from other Local Authority
CSC guidance regarding requests for welfare visits made to children with C P Plans from other local authorities and applicable charges. Updated Nov 2013
Added: 13 June 2011
Word Document
LADO Allegations Reporting Form
This is the form to use to report an allegation against a member of staff or volunteer to the LADO.
Added: 10 October 2013
Word Document
Safeguarding Disabled Children guidance
This guidance represents good practice in safeguarding disabled children and young people in Somerset and should be read in conjunction with ‘Safeguarding Disabled Children: Practice Guidance,’ Department for Children, Schools and Families, (2009) and the South West Child Protection Procedures (
Added: 23 July 2012
Word Document
What is Child Sexual Exploitation?
A short document explaining what child sexual exploitation is and what signs to look out for
Added: 17 October 2014
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Deaf Children Working Together Guidance 2013
Deaf Children Working Together Guidance 2013
Added: 27 August 2014
Unknown Document Type
Historic allegations of child abuse policy
Template for agencies to write their own guidance for managing allegations of historic child abuse, when working with adults or children
Added: 30 January 2014
Unknown Document Type
Missing from Home or Care Protocol
Police and Children's Services Protocol: Children Missing from Home or Care in Somerset
Added: 09 October 2014
Unknown Document Type
Protocol for Safeguarding Unborn Babies
This signsposts to the link for the relevant SWCPP page
Added: 11 July 2014
Acrobat Document
Key Aspects of an Effective Child Protection Supervision Policy, May 2014
The Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) recognises that it is best practice for partner organisations to have a child protection supervision policy in place, either as part of a wider supervision and accountability policy for all staff, or as a specific document. This guide is to inform managers who have responsibility for developing, implementing and reviewing such a policy about what should be included. It is not a model child protection supervision policy.
Added: 11 July 2014
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