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The Child Protection Plan
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 The Child Protection Plan

The Child Protection Plan outlines what needs to happen to reduce the risk of harm to your child. It gives an opportunity for you to work in partnership with professionals to make things better for you and your family.

If your child has a Child Protection Plan, it does not mean that it will stay in place forever. A review conference will be held in about three months to consider whether your child’s Child Protection Plan should stay in place. If the decision is that it should, then another review conference is held in about 6 months time.

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Once it is felt your child is no longer at risk of significant harm, the Child Protection Plan will end.

Frequently asked questions:

Can my children be taken away because they have a Child Protection Plan?

No. The conference cannot decide that a child should no longer live at home.  Social Workers cannot remove a child from home simply because the child has a Child Protection Plan. 

Children’s Social Care may apply to the court if they believe that it is no longer safe for your child to live at home.  

Do families have to have a social worker?

Children’s Social Care will arrange for a Social Worker, known as the "key worker", to visit you regularly. They will also be responsible for keeping in touch with other professional workers involved with you.

The Social Worker will collect information to help everyone involved understand your situation, so it is in your interest to work closely with them. 
Can I appeal against a decision to make my child subject to a Child Protection Plan?

If you are not satisfied that the decision was reached in a fair way you should discuss this with your Social Worker or contact the Children’s Services Complaints Manager, who will tell you about the complaints procedure and will help you to use it.

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